Week In Brief

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Daily Blog

So it has been a few days since my last post, I apologize… I am determined to write several times a week, so when I go for nearly a week between posts it frustrates me…

Here is what has been going on.

Last week two kids were sick pretty much all week.

Friday we all got to go to the mall with Trish’s niece and support her while she had her long hair cut short.  (the doctors assure her that it will fall out with the chemo, but it is easier to watch short hair fall out then long hair)

Saturday we had a Flu Shot Clinic at the church, but the roads were really icy so we had a really low turn out – thanks to Maxim Healthcare for providing the clinic anyway.

Sunday was our Enter class, for people interested in joining our church, and we had 7 people there (my kids were there too, so that is 11, they had never been through the class!)

The other exciting part was that the Twin’s Grandpa found them cars.  He buys the first car for all of his grandkids, (like 13 of them!  so he has 6 to go!)  They will be 16 in a few months, so they were not expecting it at all.  It was quite a surprise – we all waited in the garage and opened the overhead door to see them parked on the driveway.

Thank God for Grandpa’s!

Monday and Tuesday were typical work days, and I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!

I have a ton of stuff to do, so I am going to go, but here are some pics you might enjoy…

(I forgot to mention that the younger grandkids (16 and under) were taped for an ad that their Grandpa’s stores are running to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  I included the picture of the taping too…


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