Colorado Weather

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Daily Blog

So, this morning the TV stations are going crazy reporting on our latest snow event. It is forecasted for our area that we can expect 1-4 inches of snow! Fun, fun. I actually enjoy it when it snows, but I find it very annoying that we live in a state that expects snow in winter and when it does snow it seems to be such a big deal. I know places further North of us are supposed to get more snow that we will here, so when local school districts cancel for the day for snow that hasn’t even fallen yet I find it humorous! When I came into work this morning – late I might add – there was no snow on the ground, no snow falling from the sky, and the prediction of 3 inches by the end of the day. Not sure that means we should shut all the school districts down and act like it is some huge deal. If you live in Colorado and can’t handle a few inches of snow, doesn’t that make you a Texan?

Just sayin…

Maybe it will snow and snow and pile up like crazy and prove me wrong, insensitive, and foolish, but come on, we live in a snow state, put on a coat, buy some good tires, drive slower, brake sooner, and suck it up!

  1. Greg Underhill says:

    Suck it up and …… cancel meetings?

    • Graham says:

      I KNOW!!! But I figured no one would be able to make it in! So far the streets over here are just wet, but I hear that other places they are getting slick.

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