Dog Hair

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Daily Blog

Prouty Family Oct2008 WEB SIZED-71we are a dog loving family.  In fact, against my will, there is a puppy search on right now among some of the women folk in our house.  We already have two dogs, Moses, a Rat Terrier in the picture above, and Samson, a Shih-Tzu.  We have had Moses for 9 years and he is a great dog.  He is friendly, protective, and loves to play ball.  He is really smart, and loves attention.  But he sheds.  His hair is fine and a little wiry so it gets all over and if you are wearing dark colors, it sticks to you and stands out on your clothes.  You can tell how close you have been to him by how much hair has accumulated on your clothes.  Sometimes I am covered in it, sometimes I push him away so I don’t have to de-lint before I leave the house…

This morning I set down the black sweater I was going to put wear on the bed.  That was a mistake because when I went to put it on it was covered in Moses’ white wiry hair.  As I was picking off the hair one at a time it got me thinking…  People can tell I have a dog by the hair on my sweater,   but can they tell that I have been with God by my attitudes and actions?  If my proximity to my dog leaves a tell tale sign, shouldn’t the same be true based on my proximity to God?  If God shed, would I be covered in his hair today?  Would people know I love spending time with Him?  Would they be able to tell I am a “God-lover” like I am a “dog-lover”?  Or do I push Him away like I do my dog?Do I try to use a lint roller to get all of the indications of being with God off before I go out, like I try to do with the dog hair all over me?

My thought today; can people tell I have been with God?

  1. Lacie says:

    I love it! I love the way you make applications from mundane life events Graham! It’s a beautiful gift. Can’t wait to see you guys. Hopefully just a few more months & I’ll be there!

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