Hebrews 11

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Daily Blog
Hebrews 11 is noted as being the “faith hall of fame” and for good reason.  There are 16 references to people of faith, their lives, their accomplishments, and their obedience to God.  Sunday we learned the process of growing in faith through this chapter of Hebrews, and I thought I would post my notes here so you could be reminded of what we talked about.
The process breaks down into 4 categories, and here is the graphic I made to show them easier:

As we unpacked this chapter there are many references to how God speaks to them & us:

God Speaks: warns (v. 7), calls (v. 8), promises (v. 11), tests (v. 17), blesses through others (v. 20 & 21), speaks to us & through others (v. 22), strengthens (v.23 & 24), directs (v. 29 & 30), and protects (v. 31).

We Hear:  are you paying attention to God?  Are you giving Him opportunity to speak to you, or are you so busy doing your thing that His voice is shut out in your life?  Those mentioned in this chapter had allowed God access to their lives so He could speak to them and they could hear Him.

We Trust: Are you open to God, as they were, even if He is asking you to do something you don’t want to do?  Build a boat for 120 years, leave everything you know to wander about looking for a land not your own, forgo being Pharaoh and instead be a slave…  maybe for you it is something smaller than these examples but non the less just as difficult; giving more time to others, saying something that needs to be said, stopping something you know isn’t good for your relationship with God… Knowing that He will be right there with you and wants the best for you.

We Obey: regardless of the consequences or circumstances… non of us have been so persecuted for our faith in this region that we have bleed for God, yet many of those that are listed had an extremely difficult time because of their obedience.  Faith without action is not faith… it is only empty.  We must act in the belief that God will help us through whatever He is asking us to do.

As we follow this process, God grows our faith deeper and deeper so He can build on our relationship with Him throughout this life.  The deeper the foundation of faith, the better the building on top!

Faith enables us to understand what God does, see what others cannot see, and do what others cannot do.  We may not see faith, but it’s presences has a vital impact on our lives and character producing startling results.  The people listed in Hebrews 11 were not anything more than normal people, but because they had faith in God, He was able to do extraordinary things in them and through them.

Faith links the soul to God, it pleases Him, and He rewards those that earnestly seek Him.

  1. Rev Bobby Lee says:

    I appreciate your thoughts and I want to check with you whether I can use your pic on the 4 processes when I share with others.
    Rev Bobby Lee.

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