Favorite Things of 2010

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Daily Blog

I thought it might be fun if we shared some of our favorite things from the year 2010 as we approach the new year…  This is an all swim, so please comment below with your list!

Here is mine: (in no particular order)

1. Apple iPad

2. Retro fountain Pen

3. Starbucks Cold Cup

4. Good Feet inserts, expensive but very helpful with Plantars Facitis

5. The Bruce Willis movie “Red”

6. Springs Ranch Church

7. Watching my kids thrive in school & at church

8.  My wife, the greatest supporter & friend

9. Mentors that push me to become a better husband, father, leader

10. The time I spend with God


okay, your turn…

  1. things i’m thankful for from 2010

    God’s grace and provision

    great husband and great kids

    compassion project tour

    the tv show modern family (might not be new for 2010, but that’s when we discovered it)

    snail mail

    sam’s diagnosis

    hair growing in on my scar and complete removal of cancer

    our househelp

    bras and shoes from america

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