Sunset In Smoke

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Daily Blog
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Because of wildfires burning in Arizona, the mountains here have been obscured from view the past few days. (Although today was an exception). It is hard to believe the smoke from Arizona is so thick here you can see it and smell it in the air! It has however, made for some incredible sunsets the past couple nights. I wish I had a picture to share, but didn’t take one as I sat on my deck watching the sun slowly slip behind the mountains creating an incredible red and orange hugh around it as it went. It was impressive both nights for sure… But last night as I was sitting and watching it slip away, I noticed the moon high in the sky, and it looked so small compared to the sun. It was amazing to me to think of how much bigger the sun is compared to how far it is from the Earth, and how small the moon was based on how much closer to us it is than the sun!

It may have been because as the sun was setting the light made it look much bigger, or maybe there is some other explanation of it, but all I know is that at that point there was no comparison of how beautiful it was and how huge it looked! Regardless, as you read this my hope for you is that no matter what, that God shines into your life in a big big way. Even if there are other things closer to you than Him (like the moon) that He would shine so brightly that you cannot take Him for granted, overlook Him, or mistake Him for something else. No matter how far away you feel He is, I hope you catch a glimpse of Him that reminds you that He is shining down on you, wanting nothing more than all of you, faults and all.


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